Our Philosophy 

The aim for Lanza Swim School is to ensure that the students have fun whilst in a learning environment so that they learn key skills in water safety and swimming development. 

Inspired by techniques used across the world including Australia, England and Japan, the company’s director, Elijah Lanza, has combined his skills and knowledge of over eight years experience in teaching plus twenty years of swimming, to create a program that ensures that the pupils learn the correct methods at a progressive rate whilst also guaranteeing that strength compliments their development.

With tried and tested results, Lanza Swim School uses knowledge to help facilitate the growth of each student as an individual as we acknowledge and understand that each student is different and will have varying strengths and weaknesses. 

Having experience first-hand the varying teaching and business methods and models in several countries, Elijah noticed that many swim schools run more for a business rather than for the student’s progression and improvement. With class sizes that exceed eight students, it has become more difficult to acknowledge and expect instructors to develop a bond with their students. In addition, each student in these macro classes have only a limited amount of time with their instructor therefore, less learning in ensured. 

At Lanza Swim School it is our firm belief that classes shouldn’t exceed a certain number of students as it dilutes the experience and learning of key elements for the pupils. Therefore, each class will be restricted to a maximum of four students unless in the more experience programs i.e. squad. The benefits of this will ensure that each pupil will receive a much more privatised and personal experience and education from the instructor. This, in turn, will enable the instructor to really develop a rapport with the student and thus allow each instructor to identify and explain each individual student’s progression and development to the parents and students alike.

Lanza Swim School Ltd 


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